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What To Do With Outdated Wallpaper in Your New Home in the Bothell Area

Your new house is great, but the wallpaper is another story. Perhaps you wallpapered your home a decade ago, and now the style is making your beloved space look dated. If either of these situations sound familiar, you are not alone. Many homes in The Bothell Area have wallpaper that needs to go. You may be wondering what your options are, thinking it may be something you can do on your own or a job for inside house painters to handle. Arclight Painting is here to help you explore your options for dealing with unwanted wallpaper in Bothell, WA.

Get Rid of It

Whether you plan to paint the walls, apply more wallpaper, or use another wallcovering, this is the optimal solution. Your walls will always look better when they are smooth, and any paint or wallpaper you apply is more likely to last longer when the wall is free of old paint or wallpaper and properly prepared. To get rid of wallpaper, people use a variety of methods.

Some use steamers, some use DIY spray mixtures they find recipes for online and others try to tackle the project with scrapers. It is a tedious and tough process that requires a lot of time and strength. Also, some wallpaper is harder to remove when people who applied it before used a strong glue or something other than wallpaper adhesive. Even if it was applied correctly, you will need a strong adhesive remover. When scraping wallpaper on your own, there is also the risk of damaging drywall if the wallpaper is applied directly to it. Scrapers can chip or gouge plaster or drywall. Professionals have the right tools, solutions, and skills to remove wallpaper quicker and easier.

Cover It Up

You may decide to cover your wallpaper with more wallpaper. Perhaps you found a simple peel-and-stick wallpaper that you want to use for a while to cover up the monstrosity until you can afford a professional paint job. That is one option. Some people choose to put standard wallpaper over the existing paper. While this can work in some situations, it is not advisable. The reason is that there may be more than one layer, and if one or more layers of wallpaper are not properly glued down, the new wallpaper may have a bubbly look after you put it up. That means you wind up wasting a lot of time and money, especially if you pick a high-end wallpaper. If you want to put up new wallpaper, the best bet is to have a professional remove the old paper and properly prepare the walls.

Another option is to apply a different type of wallcovering. Although wood paneling is a choice that was popular in the past, some people still like it. Others prefer faux stone panels or other decorative materials. Today, beadboard is a popular form of wallcovering. It is easy to cut and work with, and you have plenty of styling versatility. You can add decorative pieces to it as well to make it look more elegant. Again, it is important to have the wallpaper removed if possible. If you try to apply a light wallcovering, the wallpaper must be glued down thoroughly in all places. Any weakened areas may allow the covering to come away from the wall and look loose.

Paint It

You may be tempted to simply paint over the wallpaper. People often do this, and they are usually disappointed. The biggest problem is that the paint will not last long. It is likely to chip, bubble, or crack quickly. When wet paint is applied to the wallpaper, it can cause it to loosen from the wall. This is especially true if there are already bubbled or peeling areas of the wallpaper. It is a gamble to paint over wallpaper since you never know how well it is glued down. The entire wallpaper should be glued down, and all seams and edges must be glued firmly. Also, the glue should be dry before you apply paint. The reason this is not advisable is that paint is expensive, and not removing the wallpaper first means that you may make a bad investment. Your paint will last much longer and look better if you have a professional remove the paper and paint the walls.

Hire a Painting Contractor

When you hire a professional painting contractor, you have the peace of mind that you will see a favorable result and that you can bid that ugly wallpaper goodbye without paying more than you expected. What you pay is outlined in your interior painting quote. Also, you do not have to take any unnecessary risks with steamers, ladders, or chemicals. Inside house painters know how to prepare surfaces, smooth walls, and apply paint for maximum longevity. They also help you envision and find the right colors for your needs.

Professional Painting Contractor in Bothell WA

If you are ready to get rid of your wallpaper and want professional results, Arclight Painting is here to help. Our company has a reputation for excellent customer service. We take pride in finishing jobs on schedule and within your budget, and our friendly team of professional tradesmen treats you and your family with the utmost respect. Whether you are still deciding what to do and need advice, or you already know exactly what you want to do with the walls after the wallpaper goes, we can help. We are flexible and will be happy to consult with you on your scheduling needs, paint color preferences, and more. Please contact us for a free interior painting quote in the Bothell Area.


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