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If you're looking for high-quality, dependable residential and commercial painting in Kirkland, Arclight Painting is your best bet. Call our painters in Kirkland, WA today for a free estimate.

Kirkland is a city of beauty and culture. Those who walk along the downtown waterfront know about the delicious restaurants, gorgeous parks, sculptures, and beaches, but they may overlook the homes and buildings where the residents live and work. Arclight Painting, the most reliable painters in Kirkland, WA, is a veteran-owned-and-operated company that makes it a mission to provide the most superior paint services to all home and businesses of this great city.

Are you worried your business is starting to lose curb appeal? Call Arclight Painting to learn about our commercial painting services.

The Finest Exterior Painting in Kirkland, WA

In the old days, if someone wanted to paint their siding or roof, they would call on their friends and neighbors for a do-it-yourself, collaborative project. The problem today is that amateur painters don’t have the right equipment to do a large outdoor painting project safely without risking falling or other injuries. They also lack the training and experience to match the right paint to a home’s siding material and make it look good when it dries.

Our painting experts at Arclight Painting have years of experience and knowledge in painting all kinds of siding in many different climates. When our team at Arclight Painting takes care of your home, we start the paint job by washing away all the dirt, dust, and debris from your home’s exterior. We do this to ensure that the paint adheres to all the surfaces so that it won’t start peeling away prematurely. 

We guarantee each client’s satisfaction, and then we back that up with a five-year warranty. We’ll help you find a paint that will make your house look great and won’t fade from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. We can also do a spectacular paint job to raise your home’s curb appeal if you plan to put it on the market.

Professional Interior Painting in Kirkland, WA

We have the best interior painters in Kirkland, WA, because our team cares about quality customer service. We take pride in our work and want each job done with precision and efficiency. 

Kirkland residents come back to Arclight Painting for their projects because they had a great experience the first time. We have a team that arrives on time and works diligently to finish the job without making a mess.

Is the drywall in your home or office looking beat up and shabby? We can help. Call our team of painters in Kirkland, WA for top-notch drywall repair services.

The Most Dedicated Painters in Kirkland, WA

At Arclight Painting, we know that big paint jobs can be stressful, even if you’re not doing the work. There’s nothing pleasant about having a bunch of noisy contractors in your house making a mess! Our painters work to make your experience as easy and non-invasive as possible. 

For the most reliable painters in Kirkland, WA, you need our services at Arclight Painting. Call us at 425-757-1199 for your free estimate!


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