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What Are Good Colors For Small Rooms in Washington State?

Featured Color: Behr - Breezeway MQ3-21

The best colors for small rooms are those that either reflects light or absorb it. Light colors can help make a room appear larger and more spacious, while dark colors may feel more cozy and intimate. If you’re trying to decide on a suitable color scheme for your small room, consider whether you want light or dark walls.

Best Paint Colors for Small Rooms and Spaces

Small Bedroom Colors

When you have a small bedroom, it’s essential to use colors to make the space feel bigger. This can be done using bold, bright colors like red and orange. These colors make a small bedroom feel more extensive and more open. In your bedroom, you can also try using pastel colors like mint green, pale blue, and lavender.

Small Living Room Colors

One of the best ways to maximize a small space is to paint it. Paint can be used in many ways and make a big difference. It’s one of the best ways to make your home look larger and brighter, even if you live in a small apartment or room. There are so many different ways to use paint for the perfect effect.

When choosing paint colors for small rooms and spaces, it’s essential to consider what goes well together and what you have available. While blue walls may seem like an obvious choice, they can work well with some other colors but not all. For instance, mustard yellow walls can look good with white furniture but not necessarily with brown furniture or black furniture.

To help you choose the perfect interior painting color for your home, Arclight Painting has dozens of your favorite paint colors for small rooms and spaces, and we also offer a free 30 minute color consultation with Sherwin Williams if you have trouble deciding.

Small Hallway Colors

Hallways are a great place to use bold colors. The best interior painting colors for hallways will work well with your decorating scheme. You can use these colors to make your hallway look more intentional or choose colors that will complement the rest of the home.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite paint colors for small hallways:

Baby Blue: This interior painting color is perfect for small hallways because it’s soft and feminine. It’s also a great color for bedrooms, so it can easily be used throughout the house. Baby blue is one of the most popular shades in interior painting, so it’s easy to find inspiration by searching painters near me online or at your local paint store.

Peach: Peach is another popular choice for small hallways because it has such a bright, sunny feel. You may have seen this shade used on older homes that have been restored to their former glory, but now you can find it in new homes too.

Yellow: Yellow is another popular choice for small hallway colors because of its warm hue and cheerful feel. Yellow is versatile enough to use in any room in your house.

Small Kitchen Colors

Small kitchens are all about efficiency. You want to maximize your space and make it work for you. That’s why small kitchens are often painted in shades of gray and white, which reflect light and minimize clutter.

But when it comes to painting colors, there are plenty of options for small kitchens, from bright, bold hues that pop against the space’s neutral tone to more subdued, earthy tones that will help the room feel more inviting and comfortable.

Small Bathroom Colors

If you have a small bathroom, chances are you want to keep it as functional and cute as possible. You don’t want to be bombarded with tons of colors that make the room feel complicated. The best paint color for small bathrooms is neutral, such as white or grey, since these colors can help open up your space and make it feel larger than it is.

When choosing a color for your bathroom, think about how much natural light comes in through the windows and doors. If there are no windows, consider using a darker shade of white or grey. If there are many windows, try painting them a lighter shade of the same hue, so they don’t look like stark contrast against your walls.

Time To Get That Interior Painting Project Done! To sum things up, there are many different designs in terms of what exactly people want their homes to look and feel like. Arclight Painting Bothell, WA - your expert local residential painting contractor provides advice on the best paint colors and techniques to use in your home so we can exceed your expectations. Book your free, no-obligation estimate at Arclight Painting Today!


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Agnes Felicia
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Tana Ingersoll
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Mary King
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Canice Poon
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George Monica
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Anand Sankar Bhagavandas
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Mark Pepitone
We are really happy with the job Arclight did with the exterior paint on our house. We did schedule the job out for a year, which was really helpful. Throughout the job, they were very honest, had a good eye for detail, and were quick to touch up even after the job was completed. They also have a 5-year warranty on their work, which makes me feel really confident in their work.
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Dave (OV)
Just got an exterior job done by Dan, Colby/Cody from the Arclight team. They were respectful, detail oriented and communicative throughout the several days work. Our neighbor was also impressed with their diligence and hard work and meticulous nature as they stripped the weather and wear from some of the wood exterior before coating and refreshing it for the next few years. They did work on our cedar fences to brighten things up from the dull gray wear over the last few years of winter rains. Clean up and walk-through was efficient and thorough, which they did to make sure we were fully satisfied with the work. Highly recommended and will seek them out again in the future for any interior or exterior painting needs.
Kathleen Cissell
Kathleen Cissell
I highly recommend Arclight Painting for your exterior home. They did a wonderful job of upgrading our paint job, including trim and 2 coats everywhere. Our house is two story on a hill, so they did a lot of ladder climbing. We are so grateful we did not need to climb ladders ourselves! They were always on time, kept us informed at all times of the schedule, did exceptional masking and preparation work, and were good to clean up afterwards. In other words, practically perfect! Thanks, Arclight painters!


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