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Updating Your Bathroom Wall's Paint Is Important: 8 Reasons Why

Bathrooms are among the most important spaces in a home. Because of this, bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular home upgrades in the United States. Whether you plan on selling your home in the future or living in it long enough to pass down to your heirs, you want your bathrooms to be both beautiful and functional, and you can achieve this goal with the right interior painting. Let's look at some of the biggest reasons why updating bathroom wall paint is essential.

Increase Your Home Value

Your house isn't just the place where you live; it's also an investment. One of the biggest assets in any home is a well-maintained bathroom. According to Opendoor, painting the interior of your home typically offers a $2,001 increase in value. Why pass up the opportunity to potentially boost your home value by thousands of dollars by having professionals do a simple paint job? Your interior painters don't have to paint a bathroom a new color to raise your property value. However, the color you pick for your bathroom can increase your potential value even more. According to Forbes, you can see an additional $5,000 in resale value by painting your bathroom a baby blue color.

Handle Humidity Concerns

Due to the presence of showers, baths, toilets, and running faucets, bathrooms are often the wettest rooms in a house. With a constant flow of water and wet floors, you have an environment that can easily breed humidity. If a bathroom doesn't have proper ventilation by way of a fan or window, then those humidity levels can increase even more quickly. If your bathroom has ongoing humidity, you can start to see the results of this in the paint job. Humidity can cause the paint on any walls to peel or bubble. Your once beautiful bathroom walls can begin to look unsightly. Imagine how unattractive those bathroom walls will look when mold begins to sprout. Regular painting helps avoid this issue.

Protect Your Health

As discussed above, mold is a nasty substance that can grow in any part of your home. However, bathrooms, due to their increased wetness, are breeding grounds for mold spores and mildew. According to CNET, mold spores can begin to sprout in as little as 24 to 72 hours on a wet surface. In your bathroom, that wet surface can be in your shower, bathtub, sink, faucet, pipes, and even your walls. Even if you previously painted your bathroom a trending color to increase its value, that value will decrease if mold is sprouting and goes untreated.

A qualified interior painting team has the means and expertise to prevent mold and humidity from taking root on your bathroom walls. Experienced professionals understand how to use paint that has strong antimicrobial properties that can prevent mold from growing in the first place. When experts paint your bathroom walls using this type of paint, it can be the first step in protecting your family's health. After all, people have to use the bathroom every day, multiple times a day. If you and your family are breathing in mold spores during that time, it can affect your respiratory health. Lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and lung infections are just some things that can happen when you're in an environment infested with mold. By calling your local interior painting professionals, you can help keep your family healthy.

Create the Impression of More Space

Most people prefer to not be in a cramped bathroom unless necessary. However, if your bathroom is small, you can make it feel bigger with the expertise of interior painters. These professionals understand what colors can create a sense of space. For example, brighter colors are usually essential to creating an open and airy feel in any room, including the bathroom.

When your bathroom feels as if it has more space to maneuver around, you or a potential buyer will feel more at ease spending time there. As a result, repainting your bathroom can create more relaxation opportunities for you. After all, you'll likely be eager to give yourself more self-care time, such as relaxing in the bathtub or taking longer showers, if you choose the right interior paint color to open up the space.

Promote Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important for any homeowner. After all, the more energy your home uses, the higher your monthly bills will be. The best bathroom paint color to increase your energy efficiency depends on the type of climate you live in. For example, a lighter bath color can be great at keeping your bathroom cooler, while darker colors absorb light and can make your bathroom feel warmer and cozier.

Create the Ideal Look

You may have a vision in mind when it comes to your bathrooms, especially your master bathroom. One of the main steps in designing any room is getting the right color and the right finish. Work with interior painters who can help you choose the best paint to create your ideal design. If your bathroom is big enough, you may want to add an accent wall. Interior painters can also create various designs with paint. Maybe you want a bathroom that has stripes or polka dots to add fun and character. Whatever you envision for your bathroom's new look, a professional painting crew can help make it happen.

Set the Mood

It's well known that color can affect your mood both positively and negatively. It's easy to take advantage of color theory when you update your bathroom paint. Do you want to create a cozy, calm oasis? Have painters use lavender and blue, especially baby blue! Would you like to feel a sense of cheeriness when you come into your bathroom? Use colors like yellow or pink. Do you want your bathroom to feel more cozy and intimate? You may want to consider darker colors like brown or even black. Do you prefer a more sophisticated-looking bathroom? Gray is a classy option that matches a wide variety of decor styles. The options are practically endless!

Sell Your Home Faster

Do you plan on selling your home soon? If so, it's important to know that bathrooms are major areas of focus for many buyers. If you want to increase your chances of selling your home faster and at a good rate, make sure your bathroom walls look spectacular. You should also be aware of trending home colors that home buyers prefer. Whether you decide to paint your bathroom trendy baby blue or keep things safe with white, off-white, or gray, working with skilled interior painters will help you create a more desirable home.

Now that you understand the immense value of updating your bathroom walls, you're likely ready to get started on repainting this essential space. In order to get the best possible results from this project, it's critical to hire the right interior painting team for the job. At Arclight Painting, we're fully committed to your satisfaction, and we offer a 100% guarantee to ensure that you'll love your new bathroom. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your walls with a new coat of paint. We look forward to working with you!


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