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Soothing Paint Colors for a Nursery in Washington State

Your baby will spend an extraordinary amount of time in their nursery during the earliest day of their new life. Just as importantly, they’ll sleep or at least try to sleep in that room during the day as well as at night. That makes having a soothing color on the wall a boon for your baby’s sleep. If you’re thinking it’s time for a home painting project in your Bothell WA home, the nursery is always a good place to start. If you’re not sure what direction you want to go, we’ll help you pick the right home interior paint colors. Keep reading for some of the top nursery color choices.

Baby Blue

Baby blue is one of the classics when it comes to nursery colors, particularly for boys. The good news is that blue isn’t just a tradition when it comes to quality house painting in the nursery. It provides actual benefits, such as:

Lowering blood pressure

Lowering heart rate

Reducing anxiety

Using baby blue in the nursery can potentially help ease your child into a restful sleep. They’ll feel better, and you may even get a chance to sneak in some much-needed sleep of your own.


Lavender is a less traditional choice for the nursery, but that doesn’t make it a bad one. Much like baby blue, a lighter lavender helps achieve a relaxed feel in your nursery. It may also play better with friends and family if you have a baby daughter but just can’t stand the idea of painting a nursery pink.

If a pale lavender doesn’t make your aesthetic senses tingle, a darker lavender can fit the bill as well. However, darker colors, such as dark lavender and dark blue may encourage more activity than they encourage sleep. It’s something to keep in mind as you plan your home painting project.

Light Green

Light green is another less traditional choice that keeps things gender-neutral. It’s a great choice if you’re waiting for the birth to find out the sex of the baby. Much like baby blue, light greens help create a sense of calm. Where light greens part ways from baby blues is in the level of stimulation.

There is some evidence that greens help boost reading ability in children and it may help encourage creativity. While not an immediate concern for newborns, it may prove helpful over time.


If the thought of painting the four walls a single color leaves you a little cold, you can integrate a pattern. For example, you could paint a harlequin pattern along the upper edge of the walls. Just make sure you pick two soothing colors that work well together. You could make the primary color baby blue and use pale lavender for the harlequin pattern.

The colors listed above are only a few of the many available color options you can pick for your baby’s nursery. If you’re aiming for a soothing environment, though, baby blue, pale lavender, and light green are excellent starting points. Also remember, that you can always get a custom color mixed if you aren’t in love with the standard options.

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