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Increase Your Home's Value with These Paint Colors

When trying to sell your home, what are the absolute best colors to paint it in? Answering this question is critical because the home's color is your greatest chance to make the best first impression with buyers. Buyers can overlook a great house if it is painted in ugly colors. Potential buyers will assume that if the home looks unattractive on the outside, it must be the same on the inside.

Colors are a powerful tool for grabbing attention. As Amera Management in Olympia points out, your color selection can make the difference between selling below market value after weeks of waiting to find a buyer or selling above market value just a few days after listing your property. What should be your approach when selecting colors for a home that is about to go on sale? Are there any best colors to use for the property?

The basis for choosing your home's colors

If you live in a home and have no immediate plans to sell it, your color selection doesn't matter a lot. You can pretty much paint the home in any color you want, even if it is the most garish color ever. But the moment you decide to sell that house, everything changes, and your preferences must take a back seat. You have to consider what colors prospective buyers are likely to want.

It would be best to focus on discovering which colors resonate the most with buyers. Because using those colors can significantly speed up the sale and boost the sales price of the property. To do this, however, you need a grasp of two important aspects of choosing paint colors for a home, namely:

· Color psychology, and

· The dominant home color trends

Color psychology refers to the ways different shades of color interact with the human mind to create specific emotional responses. Every color you use in your home will elicit some form of psychological response from people. Some colors evoke a strong response, and people will either love or hate them. Other colors are milder in their effect, and most people find them comfortable.

In addition to the colors that people naturally gravitate toward, there are colors that homebuyers like because they are the trending colors in the market. These are the colors they have seen painted on homes in TV shows and real estate or interior design magazines. Buyers start to view those colors as modern or classy and want to have them in any home they buy.

Smart homeowners who want to sell their homes for the most value understand these two factors and will try to paint their homes in colors that will help them get the most money. However, color trends that dominate the market are constantly changing. Below we have listed the home color trends that are currently wowing buyers the most.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is one of two key areas that can help you sell your home fast and for more money. And the kitchen colors that add the most value are shades within the range of light blue to soft gray-blue. Using these colors can add around $1,800 to the value of your home. Avoid straw yellow and marigold in the kitchen.

2. Bedroom

Paint bedrooms with colors that help people offload the day's stress. Colors that do this best are shades in the blue and pale gray spectrum. Painting a bedroom in light blue can add as much as $1,856 to the home's value. These colors also make decorating the bedroom easier. Light pink is a color to avoid in the bedroom.

3. Bathroom

The bathroom is the second of the two rooms that helps a home sell faster and at a higher value. The highest performing colors for bathrooms are shades within the range of light powder blue to periwinkle. These can help the home sell for as much as $5,440 above its projected value.

4. Living Room

In the living room, coziness and a sense of space necessary are important to help people relax. Light beige is the color to use in the bathroom if you want to make it really inviting. This color will add $1,800 or more to the value of the home. Conversely, using pastel gray and light blue in the living room will devalue the home.

5. Front Door

Front doors are important because they are a magnet for attention. They are the primary approach to the home, and visitors will inevitably take special note of them. Black and navy blue are the top colors that will make your front door pop. The class they introduce can add as much as $6,000 to the home's value.

6. The home's exterior

Exterior surfaces are indispensable for creating curb appeal. Before visitors get a chance to see the interior, they must first assess the home's exterior. The exterior paint color for making the best first impression is greige, a mixture of grey and beige.


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