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How You Can Use Interior Paint to Showcase Your Style

Homeowners who have a distinctive personal style often look at the interior design of their houses as an opportunity to showcase their style. Interior painting is an effective and fun way to do this. According to Opendoor, the estimated average cost of painting your home's interior is $967, while the projected increase in value is $2,001. So, in addition to gaining more enjoyment from your interior, your house will be worth more, too. Here are a few ways that you can use interior painting to celebrate your personal style.

Accent Walls

One of the most popular ways to create a unique look is through the use of accent walls. Usually a bold color, these walls add flair and drama to any room. Heavily saturated paints are a good choice as they are very attention-grabbing. Any type of wall texture that you want to add can be used to great effect on your accent wall.

If you've discovered a paint color or texture technique that you think would be too overwhelming when applied over an entire room, utilizing those elements on an accent wall is a great way to go. The same holds true for murals or trompe l'oeil techniques. Working with a designer or experienced painter will provide you with a springboard for your ideas.

When you're selecting the accent walls in your home, be sure to consider the entire interior painting plan. You want to make sure that your accent wall is attractive and doesn't clash with the color or decorative schemes used in adjacent rooms.

Accent Sections

Similar to accent walls, accent sections are just as the name implies. Rather than using an entire wall for your dramatic color, texture, or technique, you choose a section of a wall. This approach works well around fireplaces, picture windows, built-in shelving, and corner nooks.

An accent section is an excellent way to draw visual focus to a certain area of the room. It can be used to highlight artwork or other wall hangings or to create a separate space in a large room. Homeowners with open-plan great rooms may want to carve out some space for a specific purpose.

This tip can also be used to draw attention away from an unattractive architectural feature. If you have a small room in your home that receives little natural light, a bright accent section can give the illusion of more space. There are many ways to use interior painting to create illusions and present all of the rooms in your home in their best light.

Color blocking can also be used in sections if you're looking for a bold accent but don't want it to feel overwhelming. Paint is an incredibly effective way to trick the eye and conjure feelings and emotions that otherwise wouldn't occur. High-end design sites and magazines are wonderful resources and provide great inspiration.

When you're using paint to draw interest, the sky's really the limit when it comes to possibilities. You can experiment with different palettes and color schemes and combine complementary colors in unexpected ways. If there's an area of your home that you feel lacks panache, an accent section could be a perfect solution. Now's an ideal time to explore this approach and discover how it can help transform your home.

Painted Ceilings

Another unexpected way to implement interior painting that reflects your unique style is painting the ceiling in certain rooms. This is a popular technique used in powder rooms, but there are other areas of the home where it can be used. If you want to create a dramatic dining room, for instance, a painting ceiling will help you achieve that effect. Studies and libraries are two other rooms where painted ceilings make sense.

The effect can be even more intense when you add decorative elements like wainscoting, crown molding, and dramatic trim. The more dramatic the molding, the better. Dramatic lighting and architectural details will help to complete the look. This approach isn't recommended for monochromatic rooms or rooms in which you're adding an accent wall or section.

As you add more elements to your home's decor, it's important to make sure that they're balanced. No one wants to walk into a room and feel overwhelmed because there's just too much going on. Also, when you're using sophisticated architectural flourishes, you don't want to detract from their impact. This is a moment when having a designer or trusted contractor is helpful.

If you want to paint the ceilings in a sunroom or another more casual space, you'll want to keep the ceiling paint color light and airy rather than dark and dramatic. Whichever way you choose to proceed, this is an interior painting approach that's sure to attract a lot of attention and interest. And, once you've completed your painted ceiling, you'll likely ask yourself why you waited so long to implement this design detail. Your newly painted ceiling will be a great conversation starter and will elevate all of the decor contained in the room. Give it a try and see what you think!

Monochromatic Rooms

Sometimes you're just not sure how to decorate a certain room. It could be your living room, primary bedroom, or study. Choosing a monochromatic paint and decor scheme will add pizzazz to any space. This is an especially effective technique for rooms where you have a lot of artwork, wall hangings, or personal design effects.

The monochromatic look is an excellent backdrop that draws attention away from the color in the room and toward the design elements contained therein. Don't worry, the overall effect will still be quite dramatic and showstopping! If you're planning to completely redecorate a room, from the flooring to the lighting and furniture, this is an interesting option to explore.

It can be challenging to create a monochromatic look when a room is already furnished, and you're not prepared to update the window treatments, rugs, and furniture.

Natural Inspirations

If you're known as a beach lover, or your heart is in the mountains, drawing inspiration from nature is another fantastic way to create an interesting room. Choosing a coastal color scheme, for example, is a great framework for interior painting ideas. Natural colors, fibers, and materials are gaining in popularity, and more high-end designers are including such pieces in their collections.

When you miss being in the forest or exploring mountainous regions, spending time in your nature-inspired room can provide the fix you need. And, when you draw inspiration from the outside, you'll always be able to find something that fits the bill. This is also a vibrant way to express your personality by creating a room that reflects your favorite places to visit and spend time.

Natural design elements have evolved far past driftwood and sea glass. Your room can embrace more subtle elements that walk the line between kitsch and good design. Let your imagination wander and see what ideas you come up with. You might be surprised by just how transformative your new room will be. What better way to showcase your personal style than through an entire room that's centered around your favorite things and places? This new room might soon become your sanctuary.

If you have an interior painting job that you'd like done, Arclight Painting Company is the professional team to call. Our crew is fully trained, experienced, and dependable. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to receive your estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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