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Consider These 5 Colors When Refinishing Your Cabinets

Are you ready to revamp those cabinets? Instead of a full replacement, why not opt for a cabinet refinish? According to Real Simple, refinishing your kitchen cabinets can cost up to $5,000 less than replacing them. As you make this upgrade, you may be wondering what color you should choose. Use this guide to consider five on-trend colors that can bring new life to your cabinets.

1. White

Some homeowners may think that white is a plain color, but they couldn't be more mistaken. There's a reason why so many people love to use white in their kitchens. After all, it's a classic and timeless color that can brighten up any kitchen. If you're not into trends that may change over the years or decades, going with a white refinishing color for your cabinet is an ideal way to ensure they're always in style.

Is your kitchen beautiful but slightly cramped? By adding white features such as refinished cabinets, you can open up that space to make it look cleaner and more modern. Imagine waking up every day and going into your bright white kitchen to sip your coffee or eat breakfast. This is a great way to start the day as you'll be in a brighter and more energetic environment.

If you're looking to switch around other aspects of your kitchen, having white cabinets or walls can make things easier. When you opt for white cabinets, they can fit with any backsplash, countertop, or flooring material. While your cabinets will look beautiful in their own right, they can also easily enhance a more detailed design in other parts of your kitchen you want to stand out more. Like other hues, white doesn't come in just one shade. Choose from ivory to snow to cream to pearl. The particular shade of white you want on your cabinets depends on your personal preferences, but you should also consider the overall lighting in your kitchen and the effect that you want to go for.

2. Gray

Do you want your kitchen to have an air of sophistication and elegance? Do you want your cabinets to complement any kitchen style and redesign you have in mind? Are you still debating between designing a contemporary, modern, traditional, or more avant-garde kitchen look? When you choose gray cabinets, you're choosing a natural, highly versatile color that can go with a range of designs.

Gray is also a timeless color that can work in just about any room, and you can customize this look more than you may think. After all, just like white, there isn't just one shade of gray to consider. Play with different gray varieties, such as charcoal, slate, or silver, to create contrast or harmony with other elements in your kitchen. You can make your gray cabinets warmer or cooler depending on what other color is mixed in. Your professional cabinet refinishers will know how to create a gray color that will suit your needs.

Because gray is such a neutral and versatile color, it can go with just about anything else in your kitchen. If you have a natural stone countertop like granite or a more colorful design made from quartz, your gray cabinets will easily complement them and highlight them. While gray is a timeless color, it has also consistently made yearly trend lists. According to The Spruce, it was one of the top three choices for home colors in 2023.

3. Blue

If you want to add an air of coolness to your kitchen, blue is the perfect choice. Additionally, blue will add personality and charm to your cabinets. The hue is often associated with calmness, serenity, and the sea. It's a color that can help one focus more, so if you enjoy taking the time to prepare complicated recipes to entertain family and friends, a blue kitchen will be the ideal workspace.

For the ideal contrast, pair your blue cabinets with white walls or trim. You can also add accents such as silver handles. Blue is a hue that can have a range of popular shades ranging from light turquoise to sky to darker navy. Different shades of blue can create various effects, so don't hesitate to ask your cabinet refinishing team which option would look best in your kitchen.

4. Green

Green may not be the first color you think of when it comes to painting cabinets, but it can bring a lot of energy and style to any kitchen. Green is a natural and lively color that can bring warmth to the space. Make your kitchen feel more cozy and inviting, especially when you have plants or windows in your space. Remember, green is associated with nature, so it's a great way to create a natural vibe in the home. Pair your newly green cabinets with features such as hardwood floors or other cabinet trimmings for a dynamic look.

While green is associated with brightness, the color can also be subtle or dark. When you consult with your cabinet refinish professionals, they'll give you the right green to suit your needs and preferences. If you want something that offers a bit of energy, then mint or lime are good options. If you want a more sophisticated color, choose sage or olive green for your cabinet update. Whatever shade of green you choose, rest assured that it will look stunning in your kitchen with the right professional application.

5. Black

Black may seem like an unconventional color to use in a kitchen. However, it can create a major statement in this space. It's no secret that black is a bold, dark color that can easily create a sense of drama in any room you use it in. When it comes to style, black is no longer just associated with doom and gloom. As aatter of fact, black cabinets can create a sleek and modern look in your home. If you want to create a minimalist look or modern design, black cabinets can easily fit in with that theme.

A major advantage to using black is it's hard for it to clash with other design elements. As such, you can pair black cabinets with just about any other color, style, or feature in your kitchen. So, if you decide to revamp your kitchen theme throughout the years, you don't have to change your black cabinets, as they can always fit. While black will complement anything, it's especially stunning when paired against stainless steel appliances and other fixtures.

Once you decide to proceed with a cabinet refinish, rest assured you have several colors to consider. However, the above five colors should be among your top considerations because of the range of moods and styles that they can bring to any kitchen space. You can energize your kitchen with green, create sophistication with black, provide a sense of calm with blue, or give yourself the freedom to experiment with other kitchen elements by having gray or white as a staple. The right cabinet refinish can add years to your cabinet lifespan. Just make sure you find the right cabinet painting professionals who have experience creating quality updates and can work with a range of colors. As you prepare for this kitchen update, look no further than our team of cabinet refinishing professionals at Arclight Painting. We've been in the business for years and look forward to helping you create the kitchen you've always desired. For more information, contact us for a consultation today.


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