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Being Grateful: Our Mission to Give Back

Our journey as a painting company has always been about more than just transforming spaces with color; it's also about the way we contribute as part of the tapestry of our community. This philosophy led us to launch our "Be Grateful" campaign, an initiative dedicated to supporting local charities that make a real difference in our community.

Our "Be Grateful" campaign is a testament to our core values: quality, integrity, and ownership. We believe that these values should extend beyond the services we provide and into the heart of our community. The campaign began as a simple idea - for every project we complete, a portion of our earnings goes to a local charity. But it has grown into something so much more, a way for us to allow our clients to collectively give back and make a tangible difference.

The choice of charities is a thoughtful process. Putting that choice into the hands of our clients by giving them gift cards that they can then "pay forward" to the charities of their choice, allows them to focus on organizations that have a direct impact on their lives. It's our way of showing gratitude for the trust and support our community has given us over the years.

Hearing the feedback of those who have benefited from these contributions has been deeply moving. It reminds me and my team why we started the "Be Grateful" campaign in the first place. It's not just about painting homes and businesses; it's about painting hope and happiness in the lives of those around us.

The "Be Grateful" campaign has also created a ripple effect, encouraging other businesses and individuals to participate in charitable activities. It's heartening to see our community come together in such a meaningful way.

As we continue to grow and serve our community, we remain committed to the "Be Grateful" campaign and hope to do even more by taking our brushes out into the community for those in need. It’s our way of saying thank you and ensuring that our success as a business translates into success for our community.

To everyone who has supported us and joined us in this journey of giving back, thank you. Your trust and support fuel our passion and dedication. Together, let's continue to make Bothell a place where community and compassion paint a brighter future for everyone.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Shawn Nagano
Founder, Arclight Painting


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