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5 Trending Interior Paint Colors for 2023

The paint color you choose for your home has a big impact on your interior painting project. According to Benjamin Moore, the most popular interior paint colors are neutrals, including gray, beige, white, and earth tones. Check out these five 2023 trending colors to give you inspiration for your next project.

1. Rust

Rust is a great way to add some color to your home without going with anything too bright. This color works perfectly with other earth tones, and it's also great with white and other neutral paint colors. This rich, earthy hue can give any space a cozy feeling.

2. Plum

From accent walls to small kitchens and dining rooms, plum is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Plum is great because it has a warm lushness that goes perfectly with any bedroom decor. It also works with a wide variety of neutral colors to bring a cohesive look to your home.

3. Raspberry Blush

When you really want to add a splash of color with interior painting, Raspberry Blush is an excellent choice. This bright red color is a great way to bring personality to your home, and it pairs perfectly with natural wood and other red tones.

4. Mt. Rainier Gray

If you're looking for a simpler paint color, Mt. Rainier Gray s a 2023 favorite. Despite being a gray paint, this color almost looks like the sky on a cloudy day, with a hint of blue that separates it from some of the other grays out there.

5. Eider White

Another simple color, Eider White is a great option for a home's interior. It's one of the most popular Sherwin-Williams colors of 2023, and one look explains why that's the case. Whether you're looking for a neutral color that you can use throughout the interior of your home or a nice trim, kitchen, or bathroom color, Eider White gives you a clean look.

These were just five of the most popular paint colors for 2023. A new coat of paint can do wonders for your home's interior. Looking for interior painters you can trust to transform your space? Contact Arclight Painting today to get started.


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