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These Are the Top Front Door Colors Across the U.S.

Your front door can define the first impression your home makes, so the color you choose to paint it matters. Your color choice should primarily be about personal preferences, but if you're struggling to pick the right color for your home, it can be helpful to look around at what others are doing. Front door colors can range from bold shades to natural wood finishes, and they vary from home to home, but there are some repeated trends and themes. To identify the most popular choices across America, Angi analyzed data on the most searched front door colors nationwide. Per the results, there's one clear, albeit slightly surprising winner. Learn more about the top trending front door colors below.


Believe it or not, the top trending front door color in the U.S. is black. "We can see that regardless of the region of the country that you’re in—south, west, north, or east—black is an overwhelmingly popular color choice," Angie Hicks, chief customer officer at Angi, says. "This tracks with current trends of more neutral colors in homes overall." Per the report, 17 states chose black as the top choice for front door color, including states from California to Florida to New York.


If you had to guess the No. 1 most popular front door color, you may have assumed red. "There is the common image of the traditional American home with a red front door, but in reality there is a great variety of interest in other colors across states," Hicks says. However, red is still the top choice for 5 states: Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Maryland, and Missouri. A red front door feels classic and traditional, yet it's still bold and inviting.


Blue was the top front door color choice for just two states: Connecticut and Louisiana. However, as the report notes, the shades of blue used for front door colors can vary greatly from deep navy to light powdery shades. So, blue front doors can reflect a range of personalities depending on the selected shade, the style of the home, and the color combination of the rest of the home exterior.


Green front door colors are the top pick for nine states across the U.S., including the forest-filled Washington, which is nicknamed "The Evergreen State." This front door color choice is immediately associated with nature and it's a great way to blend in with the surrounding scenery of your home or to make your home feel more connected to nature.


Another nature-inspired front door color choice isn't a color at all, but instead a natural finish. For four states, Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, and Oregon, a wood front door is the most popular choice. As the report suggests, this trend could be due to these states' proximity to mountains and overall appreciation of the outdoors.

Report Limitations

While this report shows which states most prefer black, red, blue, green, and wood front doors, it doesn't represent all 50 states. There wasn't enough data available to include the following states: Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming.

Front Door Color Considerations

When deciding which color to choose for your front door, Hicks says the most important thing is that it will fit with the aesthetic of the rest of your home, your surroundings, and your personal preference. "Think about your siding, trim, roof, and shutter colors," she suggests. "Your front door will need to bring all of these together, while providing some contrast. If you want to stand out from the rest of the street, red can be a great choice. If you live in a very woody area, green might work well. And you generally can’t go wrong with more neutral colors like black and natural wood."


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