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The Psychology Behind Washington State Paint Colors

Switching up the interior paint colors in your Washington home can be an excellent way to change the mood or style of the space, but how do you decide what colors to use? It can be difficult to know what new colors will look like on your walls until your Bothell interior painters have finished the job and you can see the final result. One effective way to make a more informed choice on your painting project is to research color psychology.

Although everyone has different favorite colors, most people have similar associations with certain shades. There’s even research to support the way different colors can affect your mood and mental state. By using this information, you can select the shades for your home that are most likely to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.


Blue is an especially popular color for homeowners because there are so many different shades that look great in virtually any room. The color is very soothing and can even slow down your heartbeat, respiration, and blood pressure. Painting contractors often recommend blue for bedrooms and bathrooms, but the color can also create a peaceful mood in your kitchen, dining room, or living room. Darker shades of blue may feel gloomy, though, so you should be careful when picking out the specific paint color.


Like blue, green tends to be a soothing and relaxing color. Most shades of green are associated with nature, so it can create a serene feeling in any room in your home. It’s known to increase focus and improve reading speed and comprehension, especially in kids, so it’s the perfect color for your child’s bedroom or playroom. Many people paint their offices green, too.


For hundreds of years, purple has been associated with royalty. Today, deeper purples maintain this quality as they feel sophisticated, dramatic, and passionate. Dark purple shades can look great in a bedroom or bathroom, although you should be mindful not to choose too dark of a color. Lighter purples, on the other hand, can inspire creativity and sensitivity. You could paint your child’s bedroom or playroom a soft purple to help them feel playful without becoming overly excited.


Red is one of the strongest and most visually striking colors you can choose for your interior painting project. It’s a highly stimulating and energetic color, so it can be a good choice for social spaces like your kitchen or living room. Research shows that red can increase your appetite, raise your blood pressure, and accelerate your heart rate. Because it’s so energizing, bright reds usually aren’t a great choice for bedrooms. However, they can make communal areas of your home feel much more dynamic.


Similar to red, orange is an exciting and energizing color. It isn’t quite as dramatic as red, though. Instead, orange tends to feel more creative and cheerful. You could use orange in socially active rooms in your house to boost the energy level while maintaining a fun mood. Orange can also work well in a child’s bedroom as it can feel playful and creative.


Yellow is one of the warmest, brightest, and happiest colors. Because of its association with the sun, adding some yellow to a room can immediately cheer up the space. It’s a very welcoming color, so it works well in social areas. Like green, it might help with concentration, too. The color may not be ideal for bedrooms, though, since the brightness may affect your sleep schedule.


Soft pinks are soothing and relaxing, and the color may promote feelings of compassion and empathy. Parents sometimes use pink in their children’s bedrooms to encourage kindness and good behavior. Pink has the brightness and cheerfulness of other warm colors, but it isn’t quite as energizing. This makes it a great middle-ground for any space in your home. Kids might outgrow their pink walls in a few years, though, so keep that in mind if you decide to paint a young child’s bedroom with a pink shade.

Get That Bothell WA Interior Painting Project Done!

Color psychology is a great starting point when choosing paint colors for your home. First, think about how you’d like for yourself, your family, and your guests to feel in each room of the house. Maybe you’d like for the kitchen to feel lively and energizing, but you’d prefer a calmer and more grounded atmosphere in the living room. You might want the family room or playroom to encourage creativity and playfulness, but you’d rather your kids feel relaxed in their bedrooms. You can use these ideas to guide your color choices. By carefully selecting your paint colors, you’ll ensure that every room in your home looks great and feels great.

If you’re looking for a painting contractor in the Bothell Area, Arclight Painting is here to help. We are licensed and insured professionals who are equipped to handle any residential painting job you need. Our interior painters pride themselves on their attention to detail and their friendly service. To learn more about our services or to schedule a painting project in Bothell, WA please reach out to us today.


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