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Spruce up Your Guest Room for the Holidays With These 10 Paint Colors

The holidays are a time when family and friends come to stay in your home. Interior house painting can help get your home, and your guest space, ready for your family and friends. According to Benjamin Moore, neutrals are the most popular interior paint colors. These colors include gray, beige, white, and earth tones. However, during the holiday season, you may want to select more festive colors. Making sure your guest room looks its best will ensure your guests feel comfortable and welcome. A fresh coat of paint can transform the space and help get it holiday-ready. Here are 10 festive, inviting paint colors to spruce up your guest room for the holidays.

1. Classic Red

The holidays wouldn't be complete without the traditional, festive shade of red. Painting an accent wall or focal point in a classic, Christmas red can instantly warm up and "seasonalize" your guest room. Opt for a rich, vibrant true red that pairs nicely with other holiday hues like evergreen, gold, silver, and white. Remember when selecting your red paint that brighter reds energize while deeper reds promote relaxation so choose the undertone that suits your goals for the space. Evaluate lighting as darker reds can feel overwhelming in naturally bright rooms. For the most holiday flair, add red through an unexpected accent wall or on the ceiling.

2. Forest Green

Earthy, organic forest greens naturally complement the traditional reds and metallic golds of the season for a classic holiday color scheme. Painting the whole guest room a deep green shade creates an ambient, peaceful mood perfect for cozy nights around the fire sipping eggnog or hot toddies. Go for a true forest green without blue undertones for the most natural look. Deeper emerald greens with just a touch of blue also pair beautifully with red holiday accents. For a bit of extra depth, paint the trim a slightly lighter green. Forest green paint works in any lighting but looks especially inviting in a low lamp or firelight.

3. Metallic Gold Accents

Few things feel more festive than the luxurious shine of metallic gold. Use this glamorous shade minimally as a stunning accent wall or to illuminate specific architectural details and focal points. Painting metallic gold on the ceiling is an eye-catching detail sure to dazzle your holiday guests. Lean into the opulence of gold by pairing it with black for contrast, jewel-toned accent colors, or by layering metallic textures like velvet, satin, or sequins. North or east-facing rooms best showcase gold's brilliance. In southern exposures opt for a deeper, brassy gold.

4. Creamy Winter White

An all-white guest room feels as fresh and pure as newly fallen snow, evoking a sense of new beginnings ideal for the holidays. Painting the whole space a clean, bright white maximizes feelings of openness and space. For added depth, choose a slightly warm white with the gentlest kiss of cream or ivory. Crisp molding in a true bright white provides a beautiful contrast. An all-white color scheme works well in nearly any lighting but the warmth of wall sconces or candles enhances the welcoming ambiance. Layer in natural textures like wood, wool, and cashmere to prevent starkness.

5. Holiday Berry

Deep jewel-toned paint in rich berry shades makes a glamorous statement in a holiday guest room. Sapphire blue, amethyst, or garnet colors have a luxurious, gem-like quality perfect for special celebrations and guests. Especially pretty trimmed in bright white, saturated berry tones feel decadent and elegant. Lighting is key with dramatic berry paints - ample natural light keeps things feeling bright and cheery. In dimmer spaces opt for lighter berry shades to avoid brooding darkness. No matter the berry hue, metallics, and candlelight play beautifully to enhance the jewel-box appeal.

6. Sparkling Champagne

What represents a time of celebration more than a toast of golden champagne? Warm champagne paint shades evoke the effervescence of crackling fireworks and glittering midnight toasts. The most festive golds for guest rooms lean slightly orange or peach rather than true yellow. Deeper metals in aged bronze or antique brass also say special occasion. For show-stopping appeal, adorn a champagne gold focal wall with oversized mirrors or metallics. Lighting shifts the look from sun-filled mornings to candle-lit evenings so mix natural and artificial sources. Crisp white trim grounds the opulence with bright contrast.

7. Christmas Cookie

Warm, creamy paint colors reminiscent of classic holiday cookies create a sweet, welcoming vibe perfect for a guest room. Tan shades like gingerbread, shortbread, and sugar cookies instantly make a space feel cozy and homey. Go for a true neutral tan without orange or brown undertones for the most authentic cookie color. Soft buttery creams evoke baking vanilla cut-outs or snickerdoodles. For more depth, paint the trim a slightly deeper tan shade. Cookie colors work wonderfully in southern exposures where natural light warms the paint. In northern rooms add plenty of lamps or candlelight to prevent potential dreariness.

8. Winter Blue

Cool, icy shades of blue evoke crisp winter skies, snowflakes, and icicles. Both pastel and deeper blues work beautifully to create a serene, relaxing mood perfect for holiday guests. Pastel robin's egg blue feels cheerful and bright, with a playful, youthful vibe. Navy or glacial blues are more sophisticated and elegant. Painting the whole guest room blue transports visitors to a snowy winter wonderland getaway right in your home. Wintry blues thrive in natural light, where ample windows show off their crystalline beauty. In dimmer spaces, opt for lighter pastel blues to avoid potential gloominess.

9. Glistening Silver

Metallic silver paint adds a magical, glistening element perfect for festive holiday decor. The soft shimmer catches the light beautifully, illuminating any space with a celebratory vibe. Use silver minimally on one accent wall or smaller accents like trim, doors, and picture frames. Pair silver with rich shades like crimson red or sapphire blue for bold, dramatic contrast. All-white backdrops also let the metallic sheen shine. Silver paint comes alive in natural lighting, the sun's rays enhancing its gleaming brilliance. Continue the moonlit shimmer into the evenings with plenty of candlelight, string lights, and table lamps.

10. Frosty Lilac

For an unexpected twist, consider a pale frosty lilac paint. This soft blend of pink, purple, and blue is reminiscent of winter sunrises and snowy horizons. It feels both playful and elegant, perfect for a luxurious holiday suite. Frosty lilacs pair beautifully with crisp whites, metallic golds, and rich plums. Use it on the ceiling for a stunning wintry focal point. Lilac paint comes alive in spaces with ample natural light. The sun's rays enhance its delicate pastel hues. Incorporate sheer white curtains and reflective silver or gold accents to brighten shadowy corners or northern exposures. Frosty lilac paint brings a whimsical, romantic vibe to holiday guest rooms.

Don't put off sprucing up your guest room for the holidays — the most wonderful time of year will be here before you know it! Evaluate the current paint color and start thinking about festive new shades when it comes to house painting for your guest room. Shop paint samples and make final selections now, so you're ready to start house painting as soon as you hire a painter. Spend December relaxing and creating merry memories with loved ones, and hire a painter to get your home ready for the holiday season. Call Arclight Painting today to obtain an estimate.


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