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Painting is Love: Our Ethos for Hiring, Family, and Work-Life Balance

There’s no escaping it. February is a time for restaurants to break out their best “couples dinner” specials, florists to stock up on roses, and for everyone to invest in chocolates and cards. And while Valentine’s Day may have a leading role, this month I'd like to explore how love can permeate more parts of life than just romance.

At Arclight Painting, we see ourselves as a family of artists who believe that painting is not just a job, but a form of love. This ethos not only shapes their hiring process but also enriches our families and work-life balance.

Painting is Love: A Hiring Philosophy

At the core of our Bothell-based company is a simple yet powerful belief: painting is love. This philosophy is pivotal in their hiring process. We look for individuals who don't just see painting as a task but something that they truly love and see as an opportunity to create something beautiful. This mindset goes beyond technical skills; it’s about joining together with people who share our values for the love of painting.

Family Values Painted in Every Project

The company's ethos of "painting is love" extends to their approach to family. Employees are encouraged to find a balance that allows them to nurture their family relationships as diligently as they attend to their craft. “When you love what you do, it reflects in your life and the lives of those around you,” shares Stanley, one of our project managers, a sentiment echoed throughout the company.

Work-Life Balance: A Masterpiece of Its Own

Understanding the demands of the industry, the company prioritizes work-life balance. They believe that a painter who is fulfilled and balanced in their personal life brings a higher level of craftsmanship and passion to their work. This approach has cultivated a work environment where employees feel valued and understood, further enhancing their natural love for painting.

Making A Difference on Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, we are celebrating in a unique way. We are sending out "valentines" from to each of our employee and their families. The gifts will not only include some treats for the whole family, but a Grateful giving card that allows them to donate to a charity of their choice. It’s a way of blending our love for painting with our love for family as well as the community that we all live in. This not only strengthens bonds but also showcases the passion behind our daily work.

Conclusion: Painting, A Metaphor for Love

For us, painting is more than just applying colors to a wall; it’s a metaphor for love. Our commitment to hiring individuals who share this philosophy has created a unique workplace culture that values family, work-life balance, and above all, a deep love for painting. This Valentine’s Day, I am reminded that sometimes, the best way to express love is through the work of our own hands.


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