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Leave a Lasting Impression With Exterior Home Painting

Exterior painting is an effective way to give your home's appearance a boost while increasing its value. According to HomeLight, completing an exterior painting project will yield a 152% return on your investment and a $7,571 increase in value. This makes an already great project even more attractive. Here are a few ways that painting the outside of your home can leave a lasting impression.

Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Not only will exterior home painting help to leave a lasting impression of your home, but it'll also boost its curb appeal. Your home will look attractive and well cared for. Working with an exterior painting specialist ensures that you'll be pleased with the results. There can be a lot of prep work that goes into a project of this size, and you might to make sure that the team you hire has the expertise necessary to do the job right. Before you move forward with the project, be sure to check the references provided by the company to ensure that they provide reliable and professional work. This extra step will help you avoid headaches and disappointment in the future.

Curb appeal is important to maintain, even if you're not planning to list your home for sale. The level of appeal that your house enjoys is often a reflection of the amount of maintenance it receives. Taking proper care of your home, and repainting it when necessary, helps you avoid expensive repairs. A well-maintained house also retains its value more successfully, which will be a major benefit when it does come time to sell it. When you first notice that your exterior paint looks faded and a little worse for wear, don't put off calling a painter.

Correct Minimal Damage Like Scratches and Discoloration

If you notice that the paint's starting to fade, take a closer look at its overall condition. You're likely to see some scratches and areas of discoloration. Most of the discoloration that occurs on the exterior of a house is caused by moisture. Your painter will be able to correct these instances of minimal damage as part of the prep work for your project. During your inspection, you should also be on the lookout for algae, mold, and mildew. These areas will also require a little extra attention during the preparation phase. Comprehensive prep work will yield better results and is well worth the time and effort it takes your painter to complete it.

The new coat of paint will be able to cover any traces left of the discoloration. It'll also fill in minor scratches. Painting your house every five years or so will help to keep these common problems from developing into more serious issues. Additionally, your painter will be able to identify what's a minor bit of discoloration and minor damage and which areas will require further attention. You might be surprised by how much of a difference covering up these small marks can make to the overall appearance of your home. Your new coat of paint will truly have a transformative effect on the overall appearance of your home.

Protect Your Home from the Elements

Another important benefit that comes with repainting your home's exterior is enhanced protection from the elements. Paint not only improves the appearance of your house, but it also protects it. The barrier it provides between your house and the elements is important. If you receive a lot of direct and intense sunlight on your property, be sure to ask your contractor about using a specialized paint that protects the surface from damaging UV rays. This type of paint can be more expensive than others, but any additional cost is well worth it in the long run.

Wind, rain, dirt, and dust all speed up the deterioration process of paint. When you use quality exterior paint, that process won't be as quick. The right paint can also help to prevent fading and chipping over time. This will make the job much easier in a few years when it's time to repaint again. Don't underestimate how much you want to avoid having to have old paint scraped or sanded from your house. The more proactive you are with taking care of the exterior needs of your home, the more attractive it'll be and the less work it'll require when it's time for a major project.

Accentuate the Architectural Features of Your Home

You likely chose your home because you love its architectural features. A new coat of paint will help to accentuate them as well as the other features of your home. When you have gables, decorative latticework, or any other architectural details on your house's exterior, it only makes sense to highlight them. There are a number of painting techniques that you can use to draw attention to these features. Many homeowners are drawn to color palettes that use the same color in a number of different shades. This monochromatic style is popular in contemporary homes when a minimalist look is desired.

Contrasting paint used in different areas is one effective option. Accent colors used on the trim or other areas will also create an attractive outcome. Your painter will be able to present a few ideas to you, as they have the necessary experience to determine which strategies will be most effective. The use of subtle accents will give your home a sophisticated look as well. When you want to have your house looking as appealing as it can, your painter can help create an effective color scheme that does just that.

Opt for an Exciting Exterior Paint Color Scheme

The color scheme you choose makes all the difference in how your property will look after the project is completed. This is a process that can take some time and a bit of trial and error. Check out the homes in your area that you're attracted to and take notice of the colors and accents that are used on them. This will give you an idea of the types of colors and schemes that you like. Design and architectural sites are another way to discover different and effective uses of color. Now that you have a pretty good idea of the look you want, you can start a conversation with your painter.

Professional painters know what looks good on certain styles of houses. Once you've reviewed your preferences with them, take in their feedback. They'll be able to let you know if a certain color should be darker or lighter to get the effect you want. They'll also be able to discuss finishes with you to ensure that the right paint is used. Consider them a valuable resource as they have a lot of knowledge about color schemes and how to enhance the positive features of a home.

When you're looking for top-quality exterior painting services, Arclight Painting is the team to call. Our decades of experience have provided us with the skills and expertise to knock it out of the park with every project. We also offer a 5-year guarantee of our work. Contact us today to learn more about our services and set up an appointment to get your free estimate. We look forward to working with you!


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