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Here’s How Professional House Painters Can Elevate Your Home

You want your home to look its best. If your residence is ready for an update but you don't know where to start, the best thing you can do is begin by contacting the paint professionals. According to IBISWorld, there are 232,080 house painting businesses in the U.S. as of 2023, and they can enhance your home in ways you may not have thought of. From changing the aesthetic of your home to increasing its value, here are some ways hiring a professional painter can elevate your space.

Revamp the Interior

According to Statista, people are likely to stay at home more when they have newly painted walls. After paying a mortgage and investing time and energy into your home, it should be a place you're proud of. You can enjoy walls in any color you'd like. Even if painters reuse the same existing color, a fresh coat of paint can make those walls look brand-new and more beautiful than before. In addition to using the same color, they can further upgrade it by adding glossy or matte finishes. Some interior painters also specialize in decorative painting and can add a mural or accent wall.

While some homeowners may become overwhelmed with the array of choices on the color wheel, professional house painters have the expertise to help you choose the right one. They can advise on the right finishes that blend with your existing furniture or decor. They can paint the entire house in one uniform color, or you can have fun and have a different color theme in each room.

Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is vital for many reasons. Regardless of how much work you put into interior painting, flooring, or other aspects of your home, it's the exterior that people will see first. Some don't think to add as much personality and style outside as they do inside. When painters work outside your home, they add new life and more years to your siding. Your siding, trimming, doors, and fences are all exposed to the elements. So these features are prone to cracking, peeling, and fading over time.

No matter how much you love your home, you may decide to sell it one day. By keeping up with curb appeal, your home will be sale-ready anytime, and there's less work you'll have to rush to do before putting it on the market. It's no secret that a good curb appeal can work wonders during an appraisal.

Increase Value

Keeping up with your interior and exterior paint is bound to help increase your home value. First of all, you'll get a great rate of return on either type of paint project. According to Bob Vila, interior painting can result in a 107% ROI. The higher your home value is, the more money you can get upon a resale. Even if you decide to keep your home as you age, a home with a high value adds greatly to your estate net worth, which your heirs benefit from. Plus, with extra equity, you'll have access to equity loans you could further put into more renovations.

Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen

Cabinets are a standout feature in any kitchen. They're not just there to store your food and hide appliances. They also add to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and play a major role in its value. Just because your cabinets are old and worn down doesn't mean you have to replace them. After all, a cabinet replacement can take a lot of time and make your kitchen unusable longer than convenient for you and your family. However, interior painters specializing in cabinet painting and refinishing can make those cabinets look new again with a fresh coat of paint or staining. Just like with walls, ceilings, or exteriors, cabinet painters can add the color you wish. Use your cabinet color to bold effect and have them greatly contrast with the walls, or seamlessly blend in with the rest of the kitchen. Plus, cabinet repainting can add years to your cabinets’ lifespan.

Get Rid of Wallpaper

Do you live in an older home that still has wallpaper? According to Statista, over 60% of American homes were built before 1980. If such a home hasn't been touched since then, it may still have wallpaper. Scraping off wallpaper is a very tedious job, but it's something that professional house painters can handle with ease. They'll quickly do so without damaging your walls before adding a fresh coat of paint that can make your older home look modern.

Prep Walls

Are your walls suffering from damage? Are there tons of nail holes from paintings you took down? Do you see scratches and bumps from moving furniture or kids and pets wreaking havoc? Before painters start working on your interior or exterior walls. They do their due diligence with prep work. That prep work includes minor surface repairs to fill in holes, gaps, and dents. They also sand down and wash walls free of any grime and dirt. Then they paint in such a way to further protect the walls from damage since they use a primer that helps the paint adhere properly. Several coats of paint and required sealant round out the work.

Change the Mood

Professional house painters can help elevate the mood of any room or your entire home. Is your kitchen looking a little too small? They can use white or other bright colors to give it a more open feel. Are you wired during the day and need help relaxing when you get home? A fresh coat of blue can create the relaxing space you need for yoga, meditation, or reading. Need more energy? Have house painters review their red, orange, and yellow paint colors with you, for a fun entertainment room, kid’s playroom, or bright accent wall.

As you can see, painting does more than change the color of your home. It offers many benefits and is a great project for homeowners who are looking to sell down the line. Whether you're looking to paint just your kitchen or your entire home, a painting contractor can help you get the final result you're looking for. There's no need to take on huge home renovations when you can opt for a new coat of paint. Professional house painters can help you increase your home value, change your mood, beautify your space, and more. If you want a professional team with decades of experience that offers a five-year warranty, give us a call today at Arclight Painting for a free estimate on your painting project.


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