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Did You Know Exterior Painting Can Protect Your Home?

Professional paint isn't just for aesthetic purposes. While it's always good to have the color you want inside or outside your home, the right exterior paint can also protect your property. Whether it's providing resistance against various types of weather or six-legged intruders, the right exterior paint and varnish can work wonders. Here are some ways exterior painting can protect your home.

Energy Efficiency

Dealing with bills is part of the life of any homeowner. However, some bills can be more costly than others. Your energy expenditure can make up a significant portion of your home bills. That's why insulation is important, as it could prevent the loss of the cooled or heated air that your HVAC produces. Failure to control this air loss can increase your overall carbon footprint. After all, the more energy your HVAC system has to use, the more bills you'll have to pay. If you pride yourself on living in a green home, invest in professional exterior paint services. A proper coat of exterior paint ensures your siding is properly sealed. When your siding has protection, it's less likely to develop cracks, holes, and other gaps for air to get through.

Reduced Risk of Pest Infestation

No homeowner wants to deal with pests invading their space. Whether you're dealing with tiny termites or furry mice, any opening from the outside can lead to an invasion that would be hard to get rid of. Luckily, exterior paintwork can give your siding the proper sealant it needs. In addition, high-quality exterior paint can keep various insects at bay. Thanks to its repelling abilities, you're less likely to have invasive termites or carpet beetles boring through your exterior surfaces. When these insects feast on your exterior wood or lesser-quality paint, they can damage your surface and make it look unsightly. Plus, they can eventually bore through your exterior and into your home itself. According to the CDC, termites can destroy your home in about three years. Protect your home from these destructive insects by hiring professional exterior painters.

Moisture Resistance

It's no secret that your exterior walls must constantly deal with the ravages of various types of weather. Rain, snow, sleet, hail, and high winds can all impact the outside surface. However, quality exterior paint is often moisture-resistant. Thanks to this protection from moisture, your home is less likely to suffer from water damage. When water can’t linger on your exterior surface, it doesn't leave room for mold to grow. According to CNET, mold can begin to sprout in a wet environment in as little as 24 to 72 hours. Mold is dangerous whether it's outside or inside the home, so it's not something that you should take lightly. When you hire professional painters, you're taking the first step in protecting your outside surface from mold and mildew known for causing respiratory illnesses.

Additionally, because a fresh coat of exterior paint provides further protection in terms of sealing your siding, it also doesn't leave room for moisture to creep in. Therefore, your foundation and interior drywall are further protected from water damage. As a result, your home structure can remain sturdy and is less likely to experience wood rot.

Mold Resistance

As mentioned, mold is a deadly substance you don't want in any area of your home. You want to ensure your home value remains high and that your home is a healthy place to live. Failure to prevent mold can cause asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and allergic reactions. Keeping up with your exterior paintwork, especially when damage begins to creep in, is the one way to be proactive against mold and mildew. Then you'll also protect your health and home budget from expensive medical bills.

UV Ray Protection

When people think about the effects of weathering on exterior walls, they may focus on wet weather and intense winds. However, UV rays can be just as damaging to your home. The right exterior paint will protect against UV radiation. Without this proper protection, the UV rays can cause building materials such as your siding to break down and weaken over time. By having a protective coating of paint, it can extend the lifespan of your siding and roofing.


Did you know that exterior paint can be flexible? This flexibility is important as it can contract and expand with various temperature changes. If you live in an area with seasonal or intense weather, the right paint can prevent cracking and peeling. As a result, your home can maintain a beautiful aesthetic as the seasons and climates change.

HOA Compliance

According to IBISWorld, there are over 232,080 American house painting and decorating businesses as of 2023. Therefore, if you're a member of an HOA, you have plenty of painting and decorating contractors that can help ensure you keep your property looking as spotless as the other homes in your neighborhood. When you're part of an HOA community, you're often surrounded by other beautiful, well-kept homes and landscapes. To make sure that the area maintains its value, peace, and beauty, there are certain rules and regulations that homeowners must abide by. One of the main rules involves keeping up your exterior. There may also be rules and regulations with the color and type of paint you could use outside. Once your exterior paint is beginning to get worn down or doesn't have the appropriate color, exterior painters can come to the rescue. That way, you won't get in trouble with your homeowners association.


Property value matters for any homeowner. After all, your home is an investment, and you want to protect it. You want a good return on investment for any work that you put in. When you invest in exterior painting services, you'll always get a good ROI, as it protects your home from the damages of weather, and insect invasion, and can also help maintain your overall curb appeal.

Because your home is an investment, it's part of your overall estate portfolio. The more your property value increases, the more your net worth will be, which is a major consideration if you want something significant to leave to your heirs. Even if you don't plan on moving anytime soon, having a healthy dose of equity can also come in handy to further reinvest in your home. If you do decide to sell one day, the highest home value can make it easier to sell your home at a profit. Plus, when your home looks beautiful and is well valued by appraisers, that also can make serious homebuyers take it more seriously. As a result, you're much more likely to get your home off the market faster.

As you can see, exterior painting isn't just about changing the color of your home. Exterior painters provide services that go a long way in protecting your home for years to come. They help to repel insects, prevent damage from weathering, increase your curb appeal, and help to maintain a healthy home value. Ensure you get the most out of exterior painting services by hiring the right professionals. Contact Arclight Painting today for a consultation so we can get started protecting your home.


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