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Celebrating Spring: A Joyful Birthday-Easter Weekend

As the buds of spring bloom and Easter eggs bring color to the season, we had double the reason to celebrate this April! This past weekend was not just about Easter; it also marked the 4th birthday of our beloved son, who brought an extra dose of joy and festivity to our family.

A Birthday to Remember

Our little man turned four today, and we couldn't be more thrilled to see him grow into a bright, kind-hearted, and curious individual. The celebration this weekend was a delightful affair filled with laughter, love, and a lot of cake! The theme was “Dinosaurs RORA!],” perfectly fitting for his vibrant personality and interests. Surrounded by family and close friends, we watched his eyes light up with excitement as he unwrapped his gifts, which included lots of adventurous toys like a gardening kit from his Aunty, showing his evolving interests and adorable quirks.

The highlight, of course, was the birthday cake – a spectacular creation by a local baker], adorned with his favorite characters and flavors. The joy on his face as he blew out the candles was a moment we will cherish forever.

Easter Celebrations

The excitement continued into Easter Sunday, which brought its own set of joys and traditions. The Ridge Play Center was aflutter with the laughter of children as they had the opportunity to play on the jungle gym and then embark on the much-anticipated Easter egg hunt. Watching our son, with his little basket, eagerly searching for eggs was a heartwarming sight. His enthusiasm, matched by his all of his friends, made for a lively and memorable day.

Gratitude and Reflections

As we wrapped up the weekend, it was hard not to feel a profound sense of gratitude. These moments of celebration, especially in the company of loved ones, are what make life truly special. Watching our son grow and witnessing the joy he brings to our lives is a blessing that we never take for granted.

His birthday and Easter weekend reminded us of the beauty of childhood innocence and the importance of family values and traditions. These are the days that reinforce our bonds and create memories that last a lifetime.

We look forward to many more celebrations, big and small, and we hope your Easter weekend was just as special and filled with love and happiness.


Shawn Nagano



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